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"The Ultimate Blueprint for Inexpensive, Safe, and Comfortable RTW World Travel. The Only Comprehensive "How To" Guide That Covers It ALL..."

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Dear World Traveler,

Is it cheaper trying to stay in some older timeshare resorts?

How can I travel comfortably but inexpensively?

How can I travel to exotic countries safely?

How can I get the cheapest airfares around the world?

How can I avoid hassles and inconveniences that eat up my travel time?

I’m a woman – how can I travel on my own safely?

These are questions I hear all the time from people who visit my No Debt World Travel blog.

And it’s why you’ll want read the following letter.

Brian Peters here.  If you’ve done any round the world (rtw) travel research using the Internet you already know what a great sea of information it is…and pretty darn time consuming to find trustworthy sources that are not just overblown promotions.

Finally, all of the information you need to plan your trip – big or small – is now in one place. No need to go sifting through Google searches to find informative and trustworthy resources. I’ve done all that for you and then some.

The No Debt World Travel Guide is the definitive A to Z on everything you need to know and plan for travel just about anywhere in the world.  It also comes with a ton of information on how to find jobs all over the world and travel indefinitely.

But first…

Get yourself your favorite beverage, kick back and take a journey with me…

Confessions of A Modern Traveler

The weird thing about my addiction to packing up and getting out of town is that I was never much of a fan of traveling. Before I started exploring the globe, I was busy playing my part in Corporate America.

Travel was for people who had money, or had the free time. I had none of those things, or so I thought. Sure, there were places I wanted to visit but I really did not know how that was going to happen.

Now I have my own blueprint – the one I’m going to tell you about today. I can pick up and go to just about any corner of the world with just a tiny amount money – yet live comfortably for an indefinite period of time.

Total freedom!

Am I rich? No.

Do I know five languages? No. (I only know English!)

Do I have special skills that enable me to work abroad? No.

I’m just a regular guy with a blueprint on the most comfortable, safe and inexpensive way to travel the world, including countries that are termed “dangerous” and “unstable” by the US Government.

What do they say about The No Debt World Travel Guide…

It is easier to relate to traveling when getting a first-hand point of view from an experienced traveler.

Brian’s stories make it easier for the would be traveler to understand a situation.

Outlining cost of hotel vs hostel, which is up-to-date, helps first-time, less experienced travelers, and even experienced travelers who want to extend travel time but do not know how to cut the cost of traveling.

The links to online stores showing items to purchase for a trip and including a hostel check list is brilliant.

Also very valuable are the countdown checklists at the end, especially for the procrastinator!
And so many links of information that it eliminates much of the leg work and mystery of how to’s, especially with visas, etc. Bravo!

S. Toni Suvet
New York, NY

Your time of discovery…

Become enlightened…

Acquire new ideas, opinions, and inspiration when you visit places off the beaten path – like Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island or the secluded beaches of Thailand…

Meet new friends…

Travel the world – not only physically – but through the experiences and lives of others. You could be in a Dublin cafe hearing about what life is like in Tokyo. Ever notice how some of the most incredible stories you hear are about people meeting each other?

Enjoy food?

The sublime, the sensuous, the exotic, and the bizarre. Experience the differences in every way you can!

Become a citizen of the world…

Come and connect with the Japanese on their lunch break, the protesting farmers in Athens, or the bronzed sunworshipers of Brazil. Connections. Making connections can make you feel at home. …And it can happen anywhere.

Expand your mind…

What you see and hear on the news is just a fraction of what’s really going on in the world. See for yourself how things really are. How people really are, what they think, what they value and how the great majority love the United States.

Get work…

Maybe it’s just for experience or money – or both. I’ll show you how to find jobs almost anywhere so you can travel for as long as you wish. Audio interviews included in The No Debt World Travel Guide will introduce you to people who’ve been doing this successfully for years.

Become truly grateful…

Travel deep into the Far East and Africa and experience life as you have never known it. Some of the experiences will emotionally blindside you – but you will cherish them forever.

Become fearless…

Without even being aware of it, traveling builds your sense of confidence on a daily basis. Each time you go through something, see something, or do something you have never done before, you naturally become more capable of facing new challenges.

Eventually you realize that you can face anything. This is the gift of travel.

  • The simple formula to know how exactly how much you will spend in each place – regardless of how expensive you think it is.
  • How to get the most flexibility for your flight plans. Changing flights during a trip is inevitable – here’s how to make this painless and affordable.
  • The simple way to keep track of your funds, no matter where you are in the world.
  • The A to Z on medical and round the world travel insurance. There are so many loopholes here! I cover all the bases so there are no surprises if you encounter a difficult situation.
  • The one thing you must check with your credit card company before you leave – it will save you money and tons of aggravation!
  • The four options for affordable flights around the world.
  • The simple strategy to avoid all the confusion and hassle regarding visas in different countries. You need all this in order before you go.
  • The security measure that keeps you “in the money” even if you lose your wallet.
  • The bank machine scam that will clean out your account.

Just totally forget these travel myths…

Round the world traveling is for the wealthy right?

Airlines, accommodation, eating in restaurants – you have to have a lot of money for that right?  Actually no.

Well actually yes – if you want to stay in the Holiday Inn when visiting Barcelona – then it’s going to cost you.

But if you’re looking to get the most from your rtw travel experience by immersing yourself in the culture and making connections with people, then you’ll want to stay away from US style hotels and stay in the places where travelers and explorers stay – away from the bourgeois tourists. This also happens be the way to save you tons of money.

By traveling in the “explorer circle” you can live like a king or queen on a budget of about $100 US per day or less. This includes your accommodation, food and drink, ground transportation, and various other things you’ll need along the way, including appropriate clothing, incidentals and other expenses.

Can’t stay in hostels because you are too old?

Hostels welcome everyone these days.  The No Debt Travel Guide comes with a video where I show you how to find and book the best hostel accommodation – safe – clean – secure and the best place make new friends and exchange stories.

I can only speak English!

If you could only speak Swedish, traveling all over the world might be a bit of a challenge.  But if English is all you speak, you will have zero problems getting where you need to go, ordering food, booking accommodation.  In fact, you’ll find a lot of locals who want to practice their English.  And remember, language is just one of the many ways to communicate with people 😉

Can’t travel because you have kids?

I saw many families doing it affordably – staying in hostels, just like everyone else.


Fearless RTW Travel

One the best ways to prepare for a trip is to learn from the experiences of others.  There are countless ways to protect your belongings and your person that are common practice among seasoned travelers.

In The No Debt World Travel Guide you will discover a number of different perspectives on safety from men and women who’ve travelled the world over.  As well, I cover all of the practical aspects of your safety and well being including your health, your personal belongings, backup plans, and insurance. 

Where to meet the real explorers of the world…

Are they at the Holiday Inn?  The Paris Ritz?

Afraid not.

Hostels are the gateway to experiences and relationships that cannot be found anywhere else.  It’s where travel is “happening.”

I know what you may be thinking.  Hostels are for students who have no money and don’t care where they stay.

Yes, that used to be the case.  They used to be called “Youth Hostels” – but that’s not the case anymore.  Your age, marital status, or even if you are traveling with kids is not an issue.  Hostels welcome everyone these days.  At some places you can even get private rooms with an en suite bathroom!

The best part is you’ll meet people like yourself who want to experience what the world has to offer.  The stories you share and bonds you make will stick with you for the rest of you life.  You will also get invaluable tips and information from travelers who just came from where you are going. 

The low cost of hostels is really just an extra benefit – it’s actually nothing compared to the connections you’ll make with other travelers.  And don’t worry if you are shy – it’s impossible not to be enveloped into the camaraderie.

But not all hostels are created equal (just like hotels).  I’ll show you exactly how to book yourself into the best hostels.   So don’t miss out on hostels!

The case for traveling by yourself…

Traveling by yourself – risky?  Scary?

Sure, facing new situations is one thing – facing them alone is altogether different.  Different, I agree.  But not necessarily dangerous. 

One of the components of The No Debt World Guide is an interview with Janice Waugh – a woman solo traveler for the past 30 years.  Janice goes into detail about how to travel safely on your own, simply by following a few ground rules that will naturally keep you away from dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

Janice actually took a trip down the Mississippi – clubbing all the way because she wanted to take in all the music of this area. So she was a woman on her own, entering a new and unfamiliar bar nearly every night for weeks.

Janice had a great time soaking up the music and culture because she knew from experience how to avoid problems. This interview is a “must listen” expert interview for anyone considering rtw travel on their own. Janice is all about being smart to stay safe!

But safety issues aside, why would you want to travel on your own? Well, you are going to meet more people. Period. And if you are introverted (like I was when I started traveling), you are actually going to find that meeting and connecting with people on the road really easy – if you are traveling alone.

You see, other people traveling are in the same boat as you. They just want to meet friendly new people. It’s not like trying to strike up a conversation with someone in a cafe in your home town. Not like that at all!

When you are on the road, you will be talking and making new friends – even if you are shy. And these are social skills that you’ll take with you wherever you go. You might start out as shy but a few weeks on your own and you’re suddenly the one helping the shy guy feel comfortable about meeting new people.

It’s an incredible confidence booster. And once you have it, it never leaves you – even when you return home.

But…if you are traveling with a friend then you are going to meet less people because you are naturally talking with each other.

The other thing you’re going to have to do a little (or a lot) when traveling with others is compromise on what you want to do and see. Can they compromise? Can you?

There are many stories of people traveling together at first…and then splitting up to go on their own. Some meet up again down the road, others remain solo. That’s fine – just be open to what has to happen so that your trip is everything you dream it to be.

One thing is for sure – in all my travels I never ever heard a story about someone who regretted traveling alone. The upside easily overtakes any downside. On the other hand, I have heard many a story about ‘what a drag my traveling partner is.’

If you are traveling with a partner, best to get some ground rules on the table at the start. It’s impossible for you to have the exact same interests. Impossible! So you should plan for this – make sure you really draw out your partner’s interests before you leave or things could get downright miserable.

“I hate seeing gallery after gallery – this is really boring for me – I wanted to be outside more, hiking in the mountains…” 

Rome, February 2009.

How to sustain your RTW travel for as long as you choose…

How would you like to travel indefinitely? If you don’t have a job now or you’re leaving one…then you can travel to wherever you want for as long as you want.

But at some point you’re going to have to make some money. I met a lot people who worked at all kinds of jobs while they were travelling. For most of the jobs, you don’t need any experience – you just need to be willing!

For the most part , you’re not going to make your career out of these jobs – they’re just stops along the way to build up your money reserves or maybe even just to pay for your room and board for the time you are there.

But if you’re looking for guidance on how to take your career with you, the following expert interviews will give you all the insight and tips you need to make this happen.

Today you can join the explorers of the world. There are simply so many ways to get this done regardless of your present job status.

The great thing is that The No Debt World Travel Guide brings it all together in one place: the information, the resources, each and every planning step, and the invaluable experience of others who are doing it right now. 

How much would you expect to pay for 
information that will save you hundreds, if not
thousands of dollars on your trip?

Not to mention how much frustration and heartache you’ll avoid when you plan using this invaluable resource.

Even if it was priced at $247.00 you’d still come out far ahead in terms of how much you’ll save.  But wait, I still haven’t told you everything you’ll be receiving…

Because of my No Debt World Travel Blog, I often get told about unadvertised travel deals, work opportunities, and “little secrets” from my readers who’ve been to places off the beaten path.

If you would like to receive this information, just enter your name and email in the box below and click “Access.”  I am not interested in cluttering your inbox, so you’ll probably only hear from me once a month or so 🙂